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Web Portfolio Workshop Ramp-Up

Two weeks from this Saturday, I’m going to be delivering a workshop on web portfolio development to my classmates in the Technical Writing and Editing certificate program that I have been work on for the past nine months. The goal of the workshop is to make sure everyone leaves with the beginning of a web portfolio and/or some more advanced skills to develop their portfolio as they look for jobs and begin working in the field.

In preparation for that workshop, I’m going to be ramping up my blog article releases. For the next couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing blogs from me every day or every couple of days. My goal is to develop enough resources to help with the workshop so that learners of very different experience levels can all get something out of the day. The topics will cover:

The workshop itself, or rather the portion that I’ll be responsible for, will be set in lesson chunks that cover very specific tasks in WordPress. While I will be covering various web development tools in my first article and in my introduction to the workshop, I had to choose one tool that wa both powerful and easy to use, and worked across platforms, so that participants in the workshop can leave with tangible skills and at least the beginning of a portfolio.

The chunks will be designed so that much like on the web, users can tune out information that they do not need, but are able to re-enter the presentation when skills they do need are discussed. The online resources in my coming blog articles will then fill in the gaps so that:

  • Advanced users can be moving forward while I’m working with the basics.
  • Basic users can go back to the online resources to help them get started building their portfolio while I’m moving on to more advanced topics.
  • Independent learners or those not present at the workshop, can still get much of the same information and learn the same skills by simply following my blog for the next couple weeks.

So, stay tuned as I take you through my journey and share my experiences with a variety of web portfolio tools and strategies.

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