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Recently, a friend and colleague sat me down and asked me about what her Education and Training team should be doing with online learning. There has been a lot of shifting in the past decade with how we deliver learning. Online tools that brings the creation and delivery of online learning to the less technical is abound everywhere. With so many options and so much access to powerful tools like the Canvas learning management system an Storyline authoring tool and free resources like Moodle, putting something out there has become much easier. But with the abundance of resources also comes a challenge. […]

Google Calendar

This post originally appeared on the Content Equals Money blog. It has been edited for this audience.   If you want to have the organization of a company-wide calendar, but don’t want to take the time to set it up or spend the money to have someone else do it, Google Calendar is a great, free solution. 1. Invitations and Sharing Google Calendar opens the door to collaborative planning by allowing users to share events and even entire calendars with others both within their organization and outside. Each event allows you to invite participants (both internal and external to Google) to […]


You may have noticed over the past few months that my career-related posts have dawdled in comparison to the hiking and photography posts that I’ve been inspired to pump out. This growing sense of inspiration to write about these two major passions of mine has begun to overshadow the career posts I also deliver on this blog. Given that this site is specific to my role as a leader in educational design, I’ve made the decision to separate that other very important aspect of my life from this career-focused blog. The result will be a clearer focus here on posts […]


This post originally appeared on the Content Equals Money blog. It has been edited for this audience.   Last month, I talked about using social media to promote conversions on your website. This month, I want to talk about how I use relevant content writing to get conversions on my website. 1. Research Research is what makes a blog strong. When defining the role of the content writer, Anuj-a Agarwal explains that “90% of a content writer’s time is spent on research.” This number may seem high to you, but I can attest to how much time research can take in the […]


There are two primary ways that people might use LinkedIn, the first of which is as a recruiting resource. Here, they are using LinkedIn to learn more about potential future employees. The second is as a networking resource. Knowing others in your field can help you get an in. In learning how you might use LinkedIn as a way to build and learn about these connections, there are five, distinct ways to use your LinkedIn profile more effectively.

Social Media Mess

This post originally appeared on the Content Equals Money blog. It has been edited for this audience.   As former high school teacher, I am very aware of how active students are within the social media world. Many of my students will not email me a question, but when I give them my cell phone number, have no problem texting me questions whenever they have them. We live in a generation of tweeters and any company wanting to further their own brand would be wise to have a presence in the social media world. And social media outlets have become too many […]


Back in 2011, I shared with you my resume journey. During that time, my resume underwent one of the largest transformations in its history. I still remember my very first resume. It was built using a Word template that was inefficient at best. But, I was young and didn’t know any better than :-). Since then, my resume undertook a journey that has led it to where it is today. Of course, a resume is just a tool, and I haven’t lost the pieces through the journey. Now I have different resumes for different purposes. So with all these resumes, the […]

Active at Work

In all my research and experience, one of the most consistent pieces of advice I’ve received and given is to show that you are active in the field you want to pursue. Whether your career shift is in a different direction in the same field or whether you are looking to break into something completely new, showing you are a mover and shaker in your field is a great way to get people interested in what you have to offer. And, if you’ve already taken that first step towards a new career and left your previous job, this is a great way to maintain your activity to show that not currently having a job has not slowed you down at all. In today’s digital age, there are countless ways to stay active in your field and show prospective clients and employers that you are at the forefront of what you do.

Mixed hands linked together in unity

In my time working in nonprofits, I’ve had the pleasure to work in several sectors from education to healthcare to youth development to wilderness preservation. And now, I spend the majority of my time working as an instructional designer in research administration at a state-funded university. In all my experience in the non-profit world, there are several commonalities I see between them. These are, in this author’s humble opinion, the core values surrounding all nonprofit sectors.