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Category: Technology

This semester, I came to an assignment in the English class in Aventa that required students to create a webpage. Some of my colleagues, when presented with assignments like this, allowed students to create a powerpoint instead, however, I wanted more out of my students. We live in a digital age, where delivering content on the web is going to be a reality for the majority of not all future workers.

I’ve been an online school teacher at a public high school for the past five years, and I’ve seen first-hand the social impact of technology on the younger generation. Technology has the power to connect our world in ways that were not previously possible. It also has the potential to help equalize the playing field by giving access to information to an entire world. But, in the recent years, I’ve begun to see and experience some of the aspects of technology that disrupt our lives and bring us further from a global society.

This post originally appeared on the Content Equals Money blog.   Social networks have become the new reality TV. One social network after another has cropped up all over the internet, attempting to replicate the success of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent, MySpace. There has been much debate over whether Google+ will have that same impact as these popular social networks or whether it’s just another in a slew of failed copycats. I’m leaning towards the former for three reasons: privacy, simplicity, integration, and functionality. 1. Privacy Facebook has lost a lot of trust from its users…