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In my time as an online teacher, many different students have crossed my path, each with his or her own story that had led them to online learning. While it’s impossible to tell with complete certainty which students will or will not succeed, it is quite possible to identify early on, the factors that will lead a student to be successful or unsuccessful in the online world. So here is my contribution to all those considering entering the online learning world.

Presence as an online teacher is very important. I have worked 3 years now at this online academy, and we have grown a lot over those years in terms of how, when, and how often we contact our students. When I first began at online, we had a vast number of students as a teacher and usually knew almost nothing about them. I couldn’t even have told you whose paper I was grading at any point in time. As advisors we knew our kids somewhat better, but we knew the ones who came in much more so than the ones doing their work out in the “cloud.” This led to a very low success rate of our students.