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You may have noticed over the past few months that my career-related posts have dawdled in comparison to the hiking and photography posts that I’ve been inspired to pump out. This growing sense of inspiration to write about these two major passions of mine has begun to overshadow the career posts I also deliver on this blog. Given that this site is specific to my role as a leader in educational design, I’ve made the decision to separate that other very important aspect of my life from this career-focused blog.

The result will be a clearer focus here on posts related to my profession and more closely tied to the main purpose of this site. But, my passion for backpacking and photography has not dwindled and likely will not, so a new blog has been born:


Hiking with Camera


I encourage you to visit and bookmark that blog as well, if those posts interest you as well. That blog will get a lot more of my attention as far as regular posts go. My focus here will be on keeping current my professional work, and so blog posts will appear less often here. Already, you will see that many of those hiking and photography posts have been removed. Some have already been moved over to the new blog, and others (like the Photo Friday posts) will appear in new vigor as that blog gets off it’s feet. And, of course, you will be able to quickly get to my blog from here, as you can see from the new link that appears on the left navigation bar.

I look forward to this new stage in my online journey, and am excited for you all to join me. My first new post on my new blog will outline in more detail what this change means for my backpacking, hiking, and photography posts. Stay tuned for that post tomorrow.

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