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Using Google Presentations for Collaboration and Coordination

This post originally appeared on the Content Equals Money blog.


Ever gotten to a presentation and realized that your thumb drive was in your other coat pocket? Well, Google may have a solution for you. Google Presentations has been plagued with some awkwardness that the new version may well have cured.

1. Present Anywhere

Too often, I’ve gotten to a presentation site and not had the right version of my slide show, or had to do a crude swap to get it onto the right computer. With Google Presentations, you always have the current version of your slide show wherever there is an internet connection.

2. Collaborate Effectively

One of the greatest factors in having the wrong version is the need to email presentations back and forth to get feedback and collaborate. With Google Presentations, you can have your entire team working on the master document at the same time. How annoying is it to get a presentation back from multiple people and have to incorporate all of their input back into a single document? With Google Presentations, you no longer need to do that. When changes are made or comments left, they go right into the original version.

3. Remember Changes

With Google Presentations, any changes you or your team makes are tracked. That means two things. First, if you need to figure out who added a chart so you can figure out where the data came from, previous versions tell you. And second, if you accidentally deleted a slide that you need, even weeks ago, you can always go back to previous versions to find it.

4. Deliver Webinars

Multimedia within a Webinar can help reach your audience in a variety of ways. Google Presentations offers you a way to easily collaborate on a presentation for use in a Webinar. If you are trying to reach a variety of audiences, it is valuable to have your graphic designers, technical writers, and video developers all working together on a presentation to make it as interactive and multi-modal as possible. And with Google Presentations, you can display your presentation right from Google, or export it to several common formats like PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF to load into Webinar software.

Google Presentations is a powerful collaboration tool. When used effectively, it can turn meetings from simply “sharing” what you’ve done to bringing multiple aspects of a company together to see how they link together. This big picture view is elusive and too often lost in meeting minutia.

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