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Category: Project Management

This post originally appeared on the Content Equals Money blog. It has been edited for this audience.   If you want to have the organization of a company-wide calendar, but don’t want to take the time to set it up or spend the money to have someone else do it, Google Calendar is a great, free solution. 1. Invitations and Sharing Google Calendar opens the door to collaborative planning by allowing users to share events and even entire calendars with others both within their organization and outside. Each event allows you to invite participants (both internal and external to Google) to…

A little over two years ago, I took on a new role at work in which I quickly found myself buried. I was overwhelmed everyday, and I simply couldn’t keep track of everything coming across my desk. I knew that I needed to do something or end up going insane. As I trolled the web for a better way to organize my world, I came across David Allen and his book, Getting Things Done. This book offered a paradigm for dealing with all of the pieces of information that life throws at you every day.