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Transformative Journey: a Master’s Thesis

Transformative Journey: a Master’s Thesis


Understanding ourselves as educators is essential to understanding our interaction with students. The author begins exploring the problem of an essay motivated by structure rather than ideas, only to find that the problems lie much deeper. Looking to his unit’s original concept, the author begins to realize that the goals he had set forth with, were not the goals he valued. Seeking out a student-centered development, the author begins to see how his teaching had not setup the self-sustaining learning environment he desired. Underlying this, the author finds the central dilemma stemming from his own identity. Turning inward to seek the teacher within, the author finds harmony between his teaching practice and core beliefs, to discover his own transformative journey.



This paper became more than just a thesis. It was a manifesto to who I was and what I stood for, both as a human being, and as an educator. The transformative journey plays a central role in all our lives, and being able to understand that journey is critical to our success as human beings. Through reflection, self-awareness, and grace, we bind together a disparate set of experiences to form something better for those who come after us.