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Professional Portfolio


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Computer Skills

Articulate Storyline ••••
Moodle ••••
Canvas ••••
SumTotal ••
Zoom •••
Camtasia ••••
Premiere and Final Cut •••
Illustrator and Sketch •••
Photoshop + Lightroom •••
InDesign ••
OmniGraffle ••••
Mac OS X ••••
Windows •••
Linux/Unix ••
Adobe Acrobat Pro ••••
Microsoft Office ••••
WordPress ••••
SharePoint ••
Google Apps ••••
HTML 5 and CSS •••
XML and MySQL ••

Basic •
Proficient ••
Advanced •••
Mastery ••••


49 quarter credits, 3.90 GPA

  • HCDE 511 Information Visualization
  • HCDE 517 User-Centered Design
  • HCDE 518 Usability Studies
  • HCDE 596 Directed Research Group
  • EdPsy 490 Basic Educational Statistics
  • EdC&I 511 Current Issues in Technology and Education

20 quarter credits, 3.94 GPA

  • HCDE 422 Style in Technical Communication
  • HCDE 423 Technical Editing and Document Development
  • HCDE 426 Software User Assistance
  • HCDE 427 Visual Design in Technical Communication

66 quarter credits, 3.83 GPA

  • EDUC 412 Development and Diversity
  • EDUC 615 Special Populations
  • EDUC 617 Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDUC 619 Literacy in Secondary Schools
  • EDUC 621 Classroom Assessment

228 quarter credits, 3.20 GPA

  • COMM 202 Group Decision-Making Process
  • MATH 221 Multivariate Calculus
  • PHIL 273 Formal Logic
  • PHIL 330 Epistemology
  • PHIL 435 Rationality and Risk
  • PSYC 281 Social Psychology

Professional Experience

Program and Project Management

Monitored and followed through with tickets in FogBugz related to training
Responsible for Office of Research assessment of SumTotal under existing requirements
  Agile project manager for online learning courses and educational technology initiatives
Planned, organized, and supported AV for conferences with 300–500 participants
  Collaborated with staff to organize, market, and deliver online learning opportunities
  Coordinated logistics and paperwork to create a smooth client experience
Supervised 25–35 staff to ensure safe operation and meet client goals

Teaching and Instructional Design

Designed online learning courses using Articulate Storyline and SAM methodology
Taught in-person adult training sessions for SAGE, FIDS, SAGE Grant Runner, and SAGE Budget
  Trained and supported staff and learners with systems and technology
   Collaborated with SME’s to scaffold higher order thinking lessons
  Use reflective practices and user interviews to improve instruction and maximize learning
  Improved learner understanding of curriculum with web conference sessions and screen capture
  Taught online and classroom courses in language arts, image and web design, and backpacking
Organized and led high, low, and portable team building experiences for a variety of groups

User-Centered Design

  Captured, edited, and delivered audio-visual content from courses and workshops
  Designed how-to guides, forms, and video tutorials to improve educational experiences
  Improved usability for students and staff by integrating curriculum with LMS
Independently developed Bethel Online webpage using HTML 5, CSS, and Expression Engine
Develop spreadsheets in Excel and Google Docs to gather, share, and analyze student data for decision-making
  Created branded newsletters, business cards, letterhead, and forms

Employment History

Director of eLearning, University of Washington Jan 2016 – Present
Instructional Designer, University of Washington Jan 2014 – Dec 2015
Challenge Course Facilitator and Consultant, Northwest Teambuilding May 2014 – Oct 2018
Program Director, Northwest Teambuilding Sep 2007 – May 2014
Distance Learning Coordinator, Northwest Regional Primary Care Association June 2012 – May 2014
Teacher, Academic Advisor, and Program Support, Bethel School District Sep 2005 – June 2012
Adjunct Instructor, University of Puget Sound Sep 2006 – May 2010
Orientation Co-Coordinator, University of Puget Sound Dec 2003 – Aug 2004

Director of eLearning
University of Washington – Seattle, WA
January 2016 to Present

  • Continue to design online learning courses using Articulate Storyline and SAM methodology
  • Lead program direction and vision
  • Supervise staff and implement Agile project management methodologies to improve workflow
  • Supervise three staff using group decision-making models and reflective practices
  • Agile Project Manager for a variety of projects working with SME’s, sponsors, and other stakeholders
  • Collaborate with a variety of UW stakeholders to deliver effective technology solutions

Instructional Designer
University of Washington – Seattle, WA
January 2014 to December 2015

  • Design online learning courses using Articulate Storyline and SAM methodology
  • Test online courses in multiple browsers for functionality, usability, and integration with the SumTotal LMS
  • Train and support staff with technology systems to improve workflow including: Canvas, MediaSite, Google Drive, and Kanban
  • Use reflective practices and user interviews to improve instruction and maximize the adult learning experience
  • Collaborated with Learning Technologies, Identity Management, and School of Medicine to deliver effective technology solutions to stakeholders
  • Taught in-person adult training sessions for SAGE, FIDS, SAGE Grant Runner, and SAGE Budget
  • Monitored and followed through with tickets in FogBugz related to training
  • Responsible for ORIS assessment of SumTotal under existing requirements
  • Developed online courses for all trainings to offer asynchronous learning and flipped classroom models

Program Director and Lead Facilitator
Northwest Teambuilding – Seattle, WA
September 2007 to October 2018

  • Increasing roles and responsibility from freelance facilitator to program director
  • Organize and lead static, low, vertical playpen and portable challenge course experiences for a variety of groups
  • Supervised staff to ensure safe operation and meet client goals
  • Created marketing materials and seek new clients and staff
  • Created and maintained social networking presence on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Developed forms and systems to help channel information and provide a smooth client experience
  • Worked with clients to identify needs and provide quality programming
  • Continue to work as a challenge course facilitator and consultant

Distance Learning Coordinator
Northwest Regional Primary Care Association – Seattle, WA
June 2012 to May 2014

  • Develop and implement online trainings using ReadyTalk and Moodle
  • Plan, organize, and support AV implementation for conferences with 300–500 participants
  • Capture video and audio content from conferences and face-to-face trainings for course development
  • Research, strategize, and implement educational technology
  • Develop interactive courses using best practices in online learning
  • Support clients and staff with technology issues related to online learning technology

Teacher, Academic Advisor, and Program Support
Bethel School District – Spanaway, WA
September 2005 to June 2012

  • Managed projects from idea generation to completion using GTD principles
  • Worked with key stakeholders under hard deadlines to bring Bethel Online in compliance with ALE laws
  • Designed and maintained the Bethel Online Academy website, newsletters, and marketing materials
  • Developed systems to gather, share, and analyze quantitative and qualitative student data for planning appropriate interventions
  • Improved usability for students and staff by integrating curriculum with the Learning Management System
  • Aligned language arts curriculum to assess student comprehension within state standards
  • Led training sessions on educational technology and best practices of developing purposefully designed curriculum
  • Academically advised and monitored students towards meeting graduation requirements

Adjunct Instructor
University of Puget Sound – Tacoma, WA
September 2006 to May 2010

  • Instructed, assessed, and mentored students with backpacking and basic mountaineering
  • Taught backpacking basics, avalanche safety, snow analysis, avalanche beacon use, ice axe use, and trip planning
  • Organized logistics for three trips per semester

In high school and college, I always had my hand in many different subjects, activities, and interests. Among those, my love of education, technology, writing, and design have been at the heart of many of my endeavors.

I have been an educator in varying capacities: as a challenge course facilitator, outdoor educator, classroom teacher, online teacher, academic advisor, manager, and instructional designer. I have always found a passion in helping others learn and grow, just as I have been helped by friends, family, and mentors along the way.

I have always dabbled in technology: teaching myself coding languages like Pascal, Basic, and C++ in high school and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in college. I regular “mess” with gadgets and software to get them to do exactly what I want. I have no fear of diving into technology to figure out how it works.

I’ve always had a love of good writing and good design and that has expressed itself in my writing, photography, and web development. I love making words and media both utilitarian and aesthetic. I later pursued this interest in my work for Bethel Online Academy and through the school of Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington.

In all these fields, I have remained in a state of continual growth, always seeking to learn and expand. At the University of Puget Sound, I studied many subjects from Philosophy to Creative Writing to Geology to Psychology. I also became equally involved as a leader in many groups: the Residence Student Association, Leadership is Action Council, Puget Sound Outdoors, and Passages. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, I continued at Puget Sound to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Leaving Puget Sound—armed with a degree in the theoretical and a grounding in the practical—I entered the world of teaching in the Bethel School District. First as a classroom teacher, then as a teacher for the online program, I explored the world of standards-based curriculum, mastery-based assessment, and differentiated instruction. In my time with the Bethel District, I saw the power of what online learning could do for the education field.

During my time in the Bethel School District, I stayed connected to Puget Sound through a backpacking class that I taught there. I also continued my work with the challenge course as the Program Director of Northwest Teambuilding. These outlets united the soft skills of leadership, communication, self-esteem, trust, and support with the hard skills of teaching English in the classroom and online. On the challenge course, I guided groups through unique challenges that pushed their team processes and helped them to grow, becoming more effective and happier in their group work skills.

As I worked in these two fields, I soon began to realize the larger impact I wanted to make in the world of education. I saw how technology could combine with learning to build highly successful earning communities in all kinds of educational arenas. So, I made a decision to leave my work as a teacher and head up to Seattle where I began as the Distance Learning Coordinator for the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association, an organization that works with community health clinics in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska. In that capacity, I began to develop curriculum and influence the direction of our distance learning program. I continued to teach as a part-time Career and Technical Education instructor for Washington Virtual Academy. And I continued to work on my web design skills as a freelance developer.

It was through these avenues that I found myself taking instructional design to a deeper level. Instead of incremental change, I wanted to change the landscape of how people learned. Through various visions, and my interaction to the concept of design thinking, I began to see a vision of how to change the educational and professional development landscape. This path led me to take a position as an Instructional Designer at the Office of Research Information Services and later at UW Graduate Medical Education’s Learning Gateway program.

Mr. Anscher is a strong student advocate. He reaches the learner at their level and assists in raising their expectations with limited pressure that would cause a student to typically stop working and fail. He works with all type of students as a staff member at Bethel Online Academy. With this need, he is able to adapt to many situations and come up with solutions that work for the parent, student and teacher. He is a problem solver and develops solutions that benefit the student being successful.

Deb Hay
Assistant Principal at Bethel School District

Jon is a self-motivated, reflective educator. He not only actively seeks out the feedback of others, he utilizes this feedback to enhance his teaching. His commitment to student learning is exemplary. I have no doubts that he will be an asset to any staff and will be a teacher that students never forget. Moreover, he will be a wonderful role model for all of his students. I would be delighted if my children had a teacher of his quality for their teacher.

Patty Gregorich
Student Teaching Supervisor at University of Puget Sound

Jon is an outstanding technical resource for his fellow educators. He is an enthusiastic proponent of high-quality online resources for students in K-12, and I would strongly endorse him for any position related to education and technology.

Robert Farwell
Director of the Western Region for Advanced Academics

Jon’s experience, talent, and foresight in building, troubleshooting, and advancing k-12 online learning is superlative. Bethel was one of the earliest online programs in Washington State and Jon has been indispensable to helping continually improve AAi’s offering to them and is constantly overflowing with innovative ideas to improve education. He is a refreshingly hopeful, personable, and guileless person. A solid teacher, curriculum writer, and technologist. Any team looking to support innovation in education would be exceptionally blessed to have him on their staff.

Jason Washburn
Regional Operations Analyst for Advanced Academics

I have watched Jon solve problems and modify his practices by consistently combining his reflective nature with adept questioning skills. He applies this approach unflinchingly to himself and his peers, as well as to the students in my classes. In this regard, Jon certainly has the capacity to deepen the understandings and change the perspectives of his students, and perhaps even those of his colleagues, along the way. I have benefited directly from this attitude, as I have changed some of my materials and practices as a result of his influence.

Loren Willson
Director of Professional Development for Sumner School District

I had not met another individual that was as highly skilled in the various areas needed to support an online program as Jon. Jon’s programming knowledge, his mastery of software applications, his curriculum design capability, and his teaching skills make Jon uniquely qualified and one of a kind.

Jim Wilson
Lead Teacher at Bethel Online Academy


Hiking with Camera, Hiking and photography blog, Jun 2015 to present
Content Equals Money Blog, Content development company blog articles, Oct 2011 to Jan 2012
eHow Articles, Simple step by step online how to guides, Jun 2011 to May 2012
Bethel Online Academy Website, School website, Jan 2008
A Transformative Journey, Master’s thesis, Jul 2005
Web Portfolio, Self-published portfolio and blog, Aug 2004 to Present


Staff Award, Northwest Regional Primary Care Association, Jan 2013
Outstanding Leadership Award, University of Puget Sound, Apr 2005
Outstanding Leadership Award, University of Puget Sound, Apr 2004


Northwest Regional Ethics Bowl, Judge, Nov 2013 to present (once a year)
YNPN Greater Seattle, Ex Officio Board Advisor, Jul 2017 to Present
YNPN Greater Seattle, Board Co-Chair, Jul 2015 to Jun 2017
YNPN Greater Seattle, Communications and Marketing Committee Co-Chair, Jul 2013 to Jun 2015
YNPN Greater Seattle, Steering Committee Member, Jan 2013 to Jun 2013


Challenge Course Level II Facilitator to ACCT Standards, Northwest Teambuilding, Expires Apr 2020
Substitute Teacher, State of Washington OSPI, Lifetime
Wilderness Adult and Child CPR and AED, Wilderness Medical Training Center, Expires Feb 2021
Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Medical Training Center, Expires Feb 2021

Professional Memberships

eLearning Guild, Jul 2013 to Present

Conferences and Workshops attended

Advanced Storyline by Yukon Training, 2014
Association for Challenge Course Technology Conference, 2012 and 2014
DevLearn, 2017
Learning Solutions, 2018
Essentials of Learning Design Methodologies, 2015
Introduction to the xAPI for eLearning Designers, 2015
Leaving Addie for SAM, 2015
TechConnect Conference, 2014, 2015, and 2016